5 Natural Tips To Burn Fat Quickly

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Weight loss could be on a lot of people’s minds right now, especially because the holiday season recently finished. It is also important to note that ways on how to burn fat fast differs in men and women.

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Weight loss in men and women

According to Prevention.com, the male counterparts lose weight rapidly, more so than females.

“Testosterone is a powerful hormone, and men have approximately 10 times more of it than women do,” according to Chris Jordan, MS, CSCS, director of exercise physiology at the Human Performance Institute and creator of the 7-Minute Workout. “Testosterone increases protein synthesis and lean body mass, which will increase your resting metabolic rate. Meaning, guys will be burning more calories all day.”

So how could men lose weight in a week?

5 Natural Tips To Burn Fat Quickly

1. Start lean – It all starts with your diet. The plan focuses on losing subcutaneous water weight that’s obscuring definition (think, abs), so if your belly hangs over your waistband, it’s going to take more than a week to get rid of it.

2. Do the math – A diet to get lean should already be in motion, so awareness of how much you’re eating is crucial. Because it is better to remove any guesswork, here are some figures to help you:

Consume one gram of protein and 10–11 calories for every pound of your body weight
Twenty percent of those daily calories should be from fat–the rest, from carbs.
First things first, subtract the protein calories are eating from the total allowed before you calculate the number of carbs

3. Cut allergens – The possibility of losing significant fat with food like milk, wheat bread, and artificial sweeteners is there but for the next week, cut them. Even the slightest irritation to your digestive system can cause bloating and water retention. Dairy and gluten appear in many condiments (soy sauce, salad dressings, others brands of barbecue sauce, etc.). It is important to read labels and control your intake as much as possible. Season food with condiments like as sea salt, salsa, and balsamic vinegar as an alternative.

4. Prime your muscles – Note that you should not work out later than three days before your event/target day. If you have a party on Saturday, do your last workout of the week on Wednesday. This is because muscles bulge most when they are flush with glycogen (the carbohydrates stored in muscle), so you need to give your body time to recover and replenish its glycogen stores before your unveiling.

If you train too close to the big day, depleting carbs stored in your muscles, you will end up looking flat and soft. Also, make sure this last workout focuses on the areas you want to highlight like your chest and arms.

One thing to remember, though: Don’t train your abs. While you need to work them most weeks, the point of workouts at this stage is to get the muscles that pump up well to swell further with increased glycogen storage. Abs don’t get pumped like biceps or shoulders, it doesn’t make sense to drive glycogen into them. Also, don’t do any cardio because you want to maximize glycogen, interval training.

5. Keep your carbs up – After your last training session (Wednesday, for example), consume two to three grams of carbs per pound of body weight for the rest of the day. If you train at night and it’s hard to eat enough carbs before bed, you can divide the total and eat the rest of the carbs on Thursday night. Insulin sensitivity remains high for 48 hours after you workout, so glycogen will still go to your muscles. Otherwise, on Thursday, go back on the diet prescribed in Step 2.

Once your muscle glycogen stores are full, they will remain this way for days, as long as no other strength training is performed (because muscle glycogen is burned only during high- intensity exercise). Carbing up on Wednesday also gives you time to make adjustments.

Make adjustments by 25–50 grams at a time.

  • Keep drinking water – To look even dryer on THE day, some guys will drastically cut their water intake. This only causes the body to react the opposite way, causing more water retention to avoid dehydration. Drink your normal amount of water up until the night before the target day.
  • Keep eating salt – It is known that salt causes water retention but if cut out completely, your body will scramble to prevent water loss. Continue to salt your food as you usually do until 24 hours. A little bit of alcohol at this stage will actually help give a tighter look, as it has a slight diuretic effect.

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